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The thing I like about Tina Lorenz, aside from the fact that she can write really well—is that she is an excellent mentor and teacher. She’s part of our very tight-knit mastermind group, and when people have copy problems or get stumped, she’s always right there in the fray to help out.

Because the lady’s been at this a long time—not just Internet marketing, but direct response marketing. And she “gets it”. There’s no ego with Tina–she’s all about the results. She pares through everything and says, “Here’s what needs to happen.” That’s really refreshing, and it’s really rare.

I’ve known Tina for a long time and have benefited from her advice and counsel on numerous occasions. Clearly, it works—she’s got stack after stack of raving fans and clients. I think it’s next to impossible to get her to write for you these days. I’d say the next best thing is this–if you have the opportunity to learn from her, and get what’s in her head transplanted into yours, take advantage of that immediately. She’s the “Queen of Copy”—and she’s awesome.” -Frank Kern

"I made $50,000 on Amazon in part because Tina Lorenz taught me the discipline of marketing. I went from being a woman who was not involved in business or marketing to a woman who is confident earning online through different revenue streams because I am learning how to write copy that is authentic.

As Tina says often, copy is integral to every successful business. I am so glad I happened to see her webinar. She drew me in with the RV pics not knowing what I didn't know, and now I am going places I had not imagined because of what she taught me. Here’s to my next $50,000.” -Colleen Truax

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